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Church Security Camera System

Churches are often seen as easy targets because they often lack surveillance systems and security cameras. Churches have many different important assets that they may want to protect. This obviously includes the money stored in the church that is taken from collections and fundraisers. This will often amount to a lot of money, hundreds of dollars or more depending on the size of the church, and it is important for churches to ensure that the money people donate to the church, stays with the church.

For our church surveillance systems we try to ensure that they try not look, well, too much like surveillance systems. Many people do not want the place that others come to for worship and sanctuary, to look like it is a fortress.

Contact Us, we can help you determine your installation costs and provide reliable and cost effective design, procurement and installation for your next church camera system.

Benefits of installing a Church Camera System

1. Prevent Theft and Vandalism

Outdoor cameras installed on the church property helps to deter possible vandals or thieves.

2. Broadcast your Services

Your security camera system can broadcast your services to all your members over the internet and bring you church sermon to the homes of those who can’t attend.

Key Features of our Church Camera System Include?

1. Cameras with Night Vision

Night Vision allows for monitoring of the inner and outer perimeter in the dark.

2. Bullet Cameras with In-Built Microphone

These cameras can be great for securing and remote streaming the main altar of the church.

3. Dome and Hidden Cameras

Cameras can be hidden in several places in a church where no one will notice them at all, least of all the burglars.While dome cameras are vandal proof and can blend quite well with the aesthetics of a church.

4. HD Quality Remote Viewing

Church surveillance systems from CCTV Camera Pros can actually enable remote viewing using DVR viewer software. People can be authorized with a user ID and password to watch remotely to ensure no one breaks into the church. This wonderful feature means that people can view the church over the Internet and alert the police if anything suspicious happens.

Key Areas where we install the cameras for our Church Camera System

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