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Event Security Camera System

Event security is an imperative measure to ensure that public events remain under control at all times. Whether it’s viewing the parking lot or keeping an eye on spectators at an event such as a football game, you can deter and catch any suspicious acts such as illegal drinking, theft and harassment. We’ve worked with prominent clients from all industries, helping them to drastically improve crowd control efforts and stop violent acts before they occur with HD IP video surveillance.

We provide rentals for plug-in-and-go security camera systems such as portable pole camera systems, wireless camera systems and temporary hard-wired camera systems which can be installed within several minutes by anyone or by our technicians.

Contact Us, we can help you determine your installation costs and provide reliable and cost effective design, procurement and installation for your next event camera system.

Benefits of an Event Camera System

1. Prevent Violence, Harassment, and Theft

Security cameras can be visibly shown at the event to deter criminal acts from occuring and adding a extra value of security to the attendants.

2. Enhances Evidence with Video

In case of an horrific incident occuring at the event for eg. sexual harrassment, murder. Video evidence can be used to hold those responsible to justice.

3. Crowd Control

When integrated into our Lightning Vision platform, we can accurately count and keep track of the no. of attendants and also track the faces of attendants within an event.

4. Faster Response Times

Emergency personnel would be quicker to respond to an incident at the event.

5. Broadcast your Event

You can publicly broadcast your event for remote viewers.

Key Features of our Event Camera System Include?

1. PTZ Cameras

Remote controlled cameras should be deployed. Cameras with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom capability. The zoom feature is critical to event management, as security staff can narrow in on any suspicious activity to see close-up detail.

Key Areas where we install the cameras for our Event Camera System

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