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Factory Security Camera System

We understand the unique security challenges that manufacturing plants and factories face, such as theft, and tampering to equipment, machinery, and cargo.

Our factory camera system can combat these threats, while also serving as an effective operations monitoring tool of assembly line production and worker safety.

Contact Us, we can help you determine your installation costs and provide reliable and cost effective design, procurement and installation for your next factory camera system.

Benefits of installing a Factory Camera System

1. Work Safety

Security cameras may be positioned close to hazardous machinery to observe an automated systems safely, or even safeguard employees from possible harm.

2. View & Evaluate Day-to-Day operations

Video security cameras can help you evaluate your current operations such as counting the amount of products on a conveyer belt and allowing you to track its production level. It would then allow you to find ways to make the operation faster and more cost-efficient.

3. Reduce false Liability Claims

Workers may claim injuries at work when operating a hazardous equipment. Security cameras can verify that their claims and prove proof for you to report false liability claims.

4. Monitor Employees

CCTV Surveillance Systems can monitor how the workers behave and do work even when you are away from office. You can monitor them from home or when you’re on vacation via an Internet browser using your Internet-enabled gadgets such as laptops or Smartphones.

5. Prevent & Reduce Theft

Surveillance video cameras are actually proven to deter theft whenever visibly displayed, and in the situation your factory is robbed, a sophisticated security camera can help you recognize the criminals and prosecute these individuals.

6. Save time with Remote Site Management

Should you manage several types of manufacturing, control an extremely large factory or several locations, contemplate an NVR or Cloud Solution to make supervising all your facilities simpler.

Key Features of our Factory Camera System Include?

1. Cameras with Night Vision

This help the cameras effectively monitor the surrondings effectively in the dark, in case the lights were turned off.

2. More use of Dome and Bullet Cameras

When monitoring a factory, we expect the cameras to be placed at heights way out of reach for vandalism, and would like the employees to see the cameras so that they know to be productive. Bullet cameras can be used to monitor factory machinery processes.

3. PTZ Cameras

Every factory would typical have security gaurds monitoring the compound 24/7. We can equip them with PTZ cameras to freely monitor areas that are distant from the guard booth.

Key Areas where we install the cameras for our Factory Camera System

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