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Gas Station Security Camera System

One big change recently is that gas stations are no longer monitoring just the fill-up area when they are doing surveillance. They are monitoring inside the store as well. The truth of the matter is that most of the robberies in gas stations happen in the store, and gas station owners are beginning to realize this.

As a result, gas station owners are becoming increasingly more techno-savvy in their effort to prevent gas station robberies, and keep the employees of the gas station safe.

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Benefits of installing a Gas Station Camera System

1. Improve Image

Security cameras and an efficient security system can help reassure your customers that your gas station is safe and increase your business.

2. Prevent Theft

A prominently displayed security camera near your register or above gas pumps can prevent theft and help you identify license plates and car types that do steal gas or carry other thieves.

3. Employee Safety

When you have cameras set up around the gas station, along with the ability of remote viewing for the owner in place, you can tell your employees that they do not have to confront robbers anymore, because the surveillance system will take care of that for them.

Key Features of our Gas Station Camera System Include?

1. Cameras with Night Vision

Night Vision helps monitor your gas station pumps, gas storage units and convenient store at night.

2. Dome Cameras and Hidden Cameras

These cameras are great for monitoring the gas station convenient store, with the dome cameras located at the ceiling height to monitor the store entrance, while hidden cameras are used to monitor the cash register and record faces of suspects.

3. Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras trained at the entrances and exits are ideal for alerting customers that they are being monitored and the lens can be adjusted to zoom in accurately at the license plate of cars at the entrances and exits.

4. License Plate Capture at Gas Pumps

Stealing gas has been an issue for many years and this gas station was no exception. License plate capture at their two pumps is a high priority. Now, owners can be monitoring the gas station pumps and see the license plate of the person who robs them, and they don’t have to put their employees at risk to stop the individual.

Key Areas where we install the cameras for our Gas Station Camera System

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