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Home Security Camera System

Our homes are our castles, and they are where we strive to feel safe and comfortable. Sadly however, home break-ins do happen, and when they happen they can seriously affect our ability to feel comfortable in our home.

Security Cameras give a visual deterrent when attached to your home and provides evidence in case something does occur on your property.

At a minimum your home system should have 1-3 cameras, a video storage system (DVR, NVR or Cloud), appropriate wiring and power cords.

Contact Us, we can help you determine your installation costs and provide reliable and cost effective design, procurement and installation for your next home camera system.

Benefits of installing a Home Camera System

1. Check In on Family and Pets

You can check in on your kids and pets using the remote viewing feature of the camera system.

2. Insurance Benefits

Most major insurers will offer lower premiums if you protect your property with against theft, fire, and vandalism with a professionally-installed and monitored home security system.

3. Aiding the Police

In the case that a burglary does occur, police can use these videos and images to capture the culprit, prevent future crimes and return your items.

4. Deterring Criminals

In most cases, thieves will case a home before they rob it, and if they spot cameras installed by a professional alarm system, they will most likely abort the burglary attempt.

Key Features of our Home Camera System Include?

1. Cameras with Built-In Microphones, Speakers and Night Vision

This makes it easy for working parents to communicate with their kids when they get home from school. Night Vision would well for monitoring activities in the dark.

2. Hidden Cameras

Placed at strategic locations such as front door, which would automatically notify the owner when it detects motion or a person.

3. Dummy Cameras

Place authentic-looking dummy cameras around your property. That way, if an intruder does break one of your cameras, it’ll be an inexpensive dummy, and you’ll have a video of the act from a hidden camera.

Key Areas where we install the cameras for our Home Camera System

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