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Hotel Security Camera System

The importance of surveillance cameras is increasing as hotels are seeing a large increase in travelers and max capacity. Hotel guests, employees, staff and the hotel property itself should be under constant security surveillance to ensure the safety of those on the grounds.

A well installed hotel surveillance security system can help to grow your hotel business, protect your hotel or resort and give guests a peace of mind when they stay.

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Benefits of installing a Hotel Camera System

1. Improve Business Operations

All guests want to feel safe when staying at your hotel. Providing a security camera system gives your guests a peace of mind while at your hotel. This helps to increase repeat business and maintain a competitive edge within the hotel market. It also provides effective tool for monitoring daily operations, reduces business liability and increases customer service.

2. Prevents Theft and Vandalism

Hotel surveillance cameras help to restrict possible intruders from entering your property and helps to keep trespassers out of exclusive hotel areas such as gyms and swimming pools, where theft and vandalism commonly occurs. Security cameras in maintenance and storage rooms helps to prevent potential employee theft.

Key Features of our Hotel Camera System Include?

1. Dome Cameras & Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras can be ideal for monitoring entrances, exits and reception desks, so that visitors know that they are being watched and the lens can be focused to accurately detect faces. Dome Cameras can be used to monitor general open spaces. It can also be used with in-built microphone and speaker for elevators.

2. Cameras with Night Vision and In-Built Microphone

Night Vision is great for monitoring back alley to the hotel and when the lights in a hotel room are turned off. While a microphone are great for recording transactions at the reception desk.

Key Areas where we install the cameras for our Hotel Camera System

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