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Retail Security Camera System

Theft, either from a customer or store workers, is a primary concern for retail business owners. The number of burglaries and cases of shoplifting still increases, business owners of stores at some point must take appropriate security measures for elimination or at least reduction of this kind of crime.

For retailers, operations monitoring is also an excellent way to monitor customer traffic and understand shopper behavior. You’ll be able to see where shoppers are frequenting once inside your store as well locate aisles and sections that need to be restocked.

The combined benefits of a security camera system in retail can easily pay for the cost of the system several times over. You can even monitor our systems even when you are not in your store.

By partnering with our security experts, you’ll be on your way to improving business sales and minimizing cases of theft.

Contact Us, we can help you determine your installation costs and provide reliable and cost effective design, procurement and installation for your next retail camera system.

Benefits of installing a Retail Camera System

1. Business Intelligence

Security Cameras can provide insight into how your business runs & customer behaviour.

2. Customer Service Monitoring

Boost customer service & reduce ineffective employee behavior by actively monitoring employee service and behavior to insure customers are being treated accordingly.

3. Investigation of Crimes

Recorded security video footage provided by department store security and surveillance cameras is extremely useful during investigations of theft, crimes as well as suspect identification.

4. Remote Monitoring of Store

We have access at home, work and even while on the go with our mobile phone and tablets. NVRs and IP Cameras operate on a network and provide streaming footage that may be viewed remotely from virtually anywhere. You even have the option of using IP Dome Cameras that allow you to remotely control the camera with pan, tilt and zoom. This can be done from a PC, Tablet or mobile phone.

5. Product Loss Prevention

Retail break-ins and internal stock shrinkage is a major problem for departments stores. Security video cameras contribute to reduce losses by functioning as a deterrent, as well as by detecting suspicious activity in real time.

6. Monitor Employees, Customers, And Operations

Security Camera Systems allow supervisors and business owners to divert their attention to other tasks or requirements while never taking their eyes away from their employees, customers, or machines.

Key Features of our Retail Camera System Include?

1. Cameras with In-Built Microphone and Night Vision

We equip all the cameras with in-built night vision to view activities in the dark and in-built microphone to record any unusual loud sounds detected.

2. Dome and Bullet Cameras

Dome cameras are primarly used as a deterent in areas known for shoplifting while bullet cameras are ideal for monitoring entrances and exits for people counting and letting the customers know that they are being monitored.

Key Areas where we install the cameras for our Retail Camera System

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