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Our cloud package service provide artificial intelligence video monitoring and video storage features for any internet connected security camera. This service automatically store and analyze your cameras' video recordings in a secure and remote location in the cloud. It also automatically detects, alerts and presents its findings of abnormal behaviour, all in the comfort from our website on your prefered web browser. To get started with this cloud solution, you can contact us directly or select one of our preset cloud packages or a custom package in our shop.

One of the focus these days is the development of computer’s ability in mimicking one of human’s natural sensor — the eyes. The traditional surveillance system is heavily dependent on human’s capability to perceive any information from the camera's video feed. However, supported by today’s advanced computing capability, many techniques and methods already developed are available in providing rich features for an automatic surveillance system.

Our Lightning Vision software is fully custom built by our team and provides remote viewing, cloud video recording as well as many computer vision and artificial intelligence features that can be beneficial in preventing you from having to monitor hours of videos for relevant data. This system would operate independently and would notify you of unexpected events.

There are many computer vision and artificial intelligence methods available out there today. We are very passionate about building new and upgraded features to our Lightning Vision software and applying it to as many real-world applications as possible. Our mission is to improve and expand our Lightning Vision software, so that it can be fully customizable and cost-effective in meeting all your automatic surveillance requirements.

Our Cloud Package Features

Speech Recognition

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Violence Detection

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Volume Detection

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Remote Viewing

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Object Recognition

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Face Recognition

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Face Detection

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Cloud Recordings

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Block Detection

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Real-Time Motion Detection

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License Plate Recognition

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How we Charge for a Lightning Vision Installation on Your Cameras

Lightning Vision Installation costs are free of charge and are independent on the number of cameras. Users first must request a lightning vision (lv) package for each camera by going to, LV Packages or contacting us Here. We will respond by first contacting you and then proceed to connecting your installed or to be installed camera system to our online software. The process can take 1-2 days and users would then be given a one week trial period, free of charge where they can test the performance of the system. Within that one week period, users can request to cancel their package and will not be charged for using the service. 

Please be aware that canceling a package would result in all your recorded data to be deleted. We recommend you disable your package, and pay a small fee to keep your data stored on our cloud platform if you plan to use the system again in the future.

Contact Us, if you desire using our Lightning Vision software for your next big surveillance monitoring project.

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