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Cloud Recordings

Security cameras are normally purchased with a DVR system. The DVR system can locally record the cameras stream and can be directly connected with a TV or computer monitor for live viewing. However, if you need to watch or record footage remotely, then your DVR should be a network DVR (NVR).

Also local recordings are not safe, as an intruder can easily destroy your cameras and the recorded footage. With cloud recordings, your footage are stored in a secure data center. An intruder cannot delete your data. Cloud recordings also makes it alot easier to view / play back recorded footage. You just need to use any web browser.

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Benefits of a Cloud Recordings feature for your camera

1. No DVR or NVR Required

Your video data is stored on servers hosted and maintained by Google Cloud Services, so your video data is well protected from both destruction and theft. Unlike having to install a DVR or NVR, for which the user would have to place in a secure, safe location and also maintain to have a long life span.

2. Can Increase Storage Space Easily

You can request an increase in storage space for your cameras without having to purchase more hard drives yourself.

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