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Between the needs of your customers, workers and other stakeholders, most businesses have larger and more complex electrical needs than the typical single family home or apartment.

From industrial machinery, to IT infrastructure, to advanced security systems, to heavy duty HVAC equipment and lighting, businesses across industries generally require more electricity than residential dwellings. Heavier electrical loads mean commercial properties usually require a larger volume of electrical wire than individual homes.

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Benefits of Installing or Replacing your Commercial Wiring

1. Three Phase Wiring

Most residential homes and some small businesses use what’s called single-phase wiring, while larger businesses, which need greater electrical capacity, use three-phase wiring.

2. Use of Conduit

Unlike most homes and apartments where electrical wires are embedded inside the walls, commercial electrical wire is often exposed and runs along the surface of the wall using metal or plastic conduit.

3. Compliance with the National Electrical Code

Your electrical system is governed by the National Electrical Code (NEC), which defines how commercial establishments should be wired for electricity.

4. TTHT Insulation

Commercial wiring often has a higher level of insulation, known as TTHT (Thermoplastic, high-heat resistant, nylon coated). This helps to protect the electrical wiring from corrosive gases and liquids. In some cases, special outlets may be installed for power-hungry or especially sensitive equipment.

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