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Consider a generator installation so you’re covered during power outages and emergencies. Generator installation can give you extra protection in crucial areas of the house, ensuring no one ever gets left in the dark, and ensuring critical systems in your business continue to operate.

House of Lightning can help you determine your generator installation costs and provide reliable and cost effective design, procurement and installation for your next generator.

Benefits of installing a Generator

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What do our Generator Services include?

1. 24/7 Call Outs to repair generators

Don’t ever try to repair your generator on your own, regardless of how minor you may believe a problem with it to be. You run the risk of serious personal injury by doing so, as well as damage to the generator itself or your electrical system. Let us handle your generator repairs so you can use your generator confidently.

2. One(1) Year Warranty on newly installed generators

The generators are supposed to be used 'in a normal way'. Their maintenance has to be carried out according to the provided service manual or allow us to provide routine service. In case of 'exceptional' use, the user has to inform us beforehand and consequently the warranty period will be adapted to the given circumstances.

3. Maintenance Agreements

A unit that is not maintained may not come on when the power goes off. We offer annual service contracts to ensure your system is functioning properly. A preventative maintenance contract will extend your generators life, decrease needless repairs, and ensure that when the unforeseen occurs, you are prepared.

4. Design & Installation of Transfer Switches on Existing Generator Systems

A generator transfer switch transfers the power source from the commercial power supply company to the local generator or generators and this process can be automatic or manual. Manual transfer switches require an operator to change the power source, while automatic switches detect the loss of power, start the back-up generator, and switch over to the backup power feed. Because the amount of electricity created by a backup generator is not adequate to power all of the electrical circuits in your house or business, a design would be required to designate a few selected circuits to get backup current. Here at House of Lightning, we can meet all your transfer switch needs.

5. Design & Installation of Generators and its Power Supply System

We design and install the generator system that is right for your home, business or commercial property. You can rely on us to install an affordable, dependable system that will perform during times of crisis.

6. Repair or Replacement of Existing Generator Systems

We provide both on-site and off-site repair services including engine replacement and repairs, troubleshooting transfer switch problems, load testing, and regular maintenance. Our team can also help assess your system to ensure it’s working properly or offer recommendations to improve your existing generator backup protection reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Generator Services

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